TV Review: "Close to Home"

In a phrase: Close to Home is a complete waste of time.

Initially the show (aired Tuesdays, 10pm, CBS; and again on throwaway Saturday nights) sounded interesting....a young mother who works as a prosecutor. We read in the press materials that the actress (who looks about 18) has actually spoken to an un-named assistant DA somewhere in Indiana (where the show is supposedly set).

Things go downhill quickly when we discover that the lead character has "a perfect record" as a prosecutor She must never try any cases. Her boss is a schlump who in the cartoon world of TV law frets endlessly about what the enormous press corps of this tiny burg thinks.

The second episode features a slam against the "Weed and Seed" programs that seek to stamp out drug pushers and then put prevention programs in place. Instead we have the second lead angrily refusing to take "blood money" because she wants to give the poor drug-addled defendant "treatment instead of jail."

The Third episode is some PG-rated porn about 30-something houswives working as hookers.

Thank goodness real life in this business is far more interesting.