NDAA endorses Sotomayor

On June 8th, the NDAA sent the following letter to Senator Patrick Leahy, Chairman, and Senator Jeff Sessions, Ranking Member, of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary:

". . . [W]e offer our full support for the nomination of the Honorable Sonia Sotomayor to become the next Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. . . .

"Judge Sotomayor's depth of experience with all aspects of the law -- as a prosecutor, a private litigator, a Judge and as a Federal Judge -- has made her into an exemplary judge and an outstanding nominee to serve on our nation's highest court. She possesses wisdom, intelligence and a real-world training that would bring important insight to Supreme Court decisions. The National District Attorneys Association believes that Judge Sotomayor would be a welcome addition to the Supreme Court.

"We are happy to offer our full support for Judge Sotomayor's nomination to serve as a Supreme Court Associate Justice and encourage her swift nomination by the Senate."

the full text of the letter (.pdf file) is here